PPBDesigner Changelog

Detailed & reduced Solvers
  • Stabilized the solver with an adaptative time step solver during ODEs integration
  • Added a steady state tolerance to stop solver when steady state is reached for computational time optimization.
  • Added axial dispersion model.
  • Allowed the solver to load results from previous session.
  • Updated the single droplet velocity models
  • Added a new function for the algorithm of Godfrey and Slater (1995) to automatically select the single droplet velocity model based on system physical properties.
  • Added a flooding function in the detailed and reduced solver to follow entrainment of droplets in the column (flooding detection).
  • Added and activated the oscillatory velocity model for the continuous phase.
  • Fixed the equilibrium solute concentration formula.
  • Added Kühni column to the PPBDesigner package.
  • Added and activated a reduced solver for RDC and Kühni columns.
  • Added a display of results in 3D graphs (droplet volume distribution and solute concentration distribution).
  • Fixed display of results beneath the graphs in the view column profiles Tab.
  • Added ‘’export raw data’’ feature to export the chemical system properties and PPBDesigner results.
  • Added a correlation to estimate the droplet mean diameter in the inlet feed distribution section.
  • Added display of important PPBDesigner results in DWSIM-Pro sidebar of the unit-operation.
  • Fixed PPBDesigner Editor GUI issues.
  • Speeded up the PPBDesigner GUI start.
  • Implemented PPBDesigner in the DWSIM-Pro environment.
  • Developed a web-based editor for PPBDesigner Unit Operation.
  • Added RDC column as first L-L Extraction Column of the PPBDesigner package.
  • Used a detailed solver.